Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fill 'er up!

I went to the dentist yesterday. That marks the second visit to him, the second of three in less than a month. My first visit was a consultation-type visit. No pain, no bill, just a nice-to-meet-you-these-are-my-teeth thing. Yesterday's visit, though, involved a filling.

To most people, a filling might be a routine event in the dentist's chair. For me... not so much. I've been incredibly lucky to only have a few fillings my whole life. My last ones were right after I got my braces off (almost unavoidable after five years in that much metal). So while most people go into that type of appointment a little anxious, I went into that appointment with much greater fear. I'm not used to drilling. I didn't know the dentist very well. I was in a new environment. I just wanted to go home!

The dentist is a young guy. He's nice. He warmed up the novocaine for me so that it wouldn't hurt going in. After the topical numbing agent, he stuck me six different times with the needle to get me good and numb. Believe me, that dentist does not scrimp on the numb-ness. It took him longer to needle me into submission than it did for him to drill out the little cavity and fill it. Not joking, not exaggerating.

I was numb from 2pm until almost 7pm yesterday, but I never once felt pain during the filling itself. My cheek hurt today from all the needle pokes... a mild ache if I noticed it at all.

Why blog about a silly little filling? Because they don't happen every day for me. It's big news. They're scary, and they hurt a bit, and they're necessary. No, it's not as exciting or dangerous as blogging about a girly doctor visit (eek!), but at least that particular tooth shouldn't give me any more grief for a long, long time.


cm0978 said...

The dentist I went to all through my childhood NEVER let the novocaine take effect and didn't use much. I was out of high school before I knew that it didn't have to hurt to have a cavity filled.

Jeff W said...

I had to go to a dentist on Monday. I chipped my tooth in the 3rd grade and they put a cap or whatever it's called on it so I had a whole tooth instead of half a tooth. Well, it fell off over the weekend and of course I'm in Pennsylvania where I'm not covered with my insurance. So I get to show off my winning half-toothed smile for a week here and for a couple weeks back home before they can make another one and attach it. Hello ladies!