Friday, March 06, 2009

Fish Friday Is Frustrating

I know I have another blog dedicated to all things religious, but this post isn't about the faith as much as the frustration I'm experiencing due to Lent and Friday abstinence from meat. I love fish--the only allowable meat on Lenten Fridays--and I always thought I'd make such a good Catholic if I could eat fish every day! ...if only it was inexpensive, readily available, and not drenched in mercury or other toxins.

Today, I awoke too lazy to make a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Mid-morning, I determined that I was craving Arby's fries, and what goes better with those than popcorn chicken? Oh crap, no chicken today. No burgers, no nuggets, no strips, no nothing as far as I could tell. My nice, easy Friday lunch out had turned into a disaster.

I realize that's the point: to give up or sacrifice and suffer in a small way just as Christ did. I'm trying to support The Boy by not eating meat on Fridays since he can't (shouldn't), but there are times when I want to tell God, "Hey, I'm not Catholic, so this doesn't matter anyway!"

That's about the time when I decided that one or two chicken nuggets wouldn't kill me. My fries were delicious. :)

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Emily said...

stumbled across your blog for random questions and ended up reading so much more! I too am not Catholic but gave up stuff for lent... forgot about the whole meat thing until you reminded me! shoot! well done, love your blog.