Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Type with Captialized Numbers

He'd never used the internet before. No joking. When he called, I had to explain what a web browser was. I needed to tell him what PIN meant. When he asked where the ":" key was, I got a little nervous. I am not joking. I know it's wrong to talk about work on my blog, but really, this isn't about my job. I'm not naming names. I'm just sharing one tiny little nugget of hilarity from my day. This guy was clueless about the internet. He refused to allow any online connections in his office as he feared his unsupervised employees would only use the internet for "personal un-enrichment" (and we're not talking e-mail or Facebook here). He is one of the very last clients we have to convert to the modern age of online services. When he called today to ask for help, I was more than happy to walk (stumble, crawl, drag) him through the registration steps!

We talked about how to type an address into the address bar. We talked about what "www" stands for. We amused ourselves with his poor typing skills. The guy has a great sense of humor and is willing to laugh at himself, so that helped me a bunch. Still, it was trying. I had to tell him the difference between clicking and double-clicking on links. He said his connection was slow, so I tried to help him optimize his browser. It was truly an adventure to do anything without seeing the screen.

Finally, after several miscommunications, we arrived to where he needed to be to get set up in our system. I asked him to enter the password we sent him in the mail, which he did, and he said that nothing happened. I made him type it again. We went letter by letter. Keystroke by keystroke. I told him what keys to push. He said the password wasn't working. Frustrated, I had him tell me what keys he used in the exact order he used them. (password obviously changed) "a - b - c - shift - 4 - 5 - end shift." What? Sir, why did you press shift before the 4 and 5?" He replied calmly, "Well the 4 and 5 are bigger than the "abc" part, so I made them capitalized."

*smacks head with hand*

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cm0978 said...

That is SOOO funny! You can't do anything but laugh -- although the "smacks head with hand" bit works too.