Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Got Shot: Part 2

Mr. Oh-So-Wonderful accompanied me to get my second Gardasil shot yesterday. He held my hand the whole time, and when the nurse shot me in the arm, he got quite the hand-hold crush from me. Poor guy! But I'm so glad he was there with me. It really did go easier. My arm hurt pretty bad for an hour, but after icing it and moving it quite a bit, today it was perfectly fine. Which is good. Because those shots HURT.

My sister went wedding dress shopping with me again. We found a little boutique in our hometown that had some beautiful choices. However, they don't stock the smaller sizes, so I had a difficult time finding dresses to even try on. I did find one dress that looked pretty good on me, but it just didn't quite work. Too white, if that's even possible. No color on it AT ALL... although I think taffeta is growing on me more and more. Light and fun, though a bit louder than silk or satin. Taffeta dresses are also cheaper and resist wrinkles more than the other dresses. I'm told they can repel water, too! (believe that when I see it)

In other news, I have nothing new to report. I have turkey burgers awaiting a hungry mouth, so it's definitely time for me to sign off.

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