Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I got you, babe"

One year ago, I lamented that I'd been single a full year. I wasn't necessarily depressed or desperate about my situation. That full year was a good time for me to realize all of those important things about myself: more of who I was, what I wanted, and where I wanted to go. Sure, being in a relationship is great, but being single a full year did me a lot of good.

It was also about this time, say February or March of last year, that I realized just how much I was into a certain guy. It took me several months to admit it to myself, but when I did, oh how hard I fell! Convincing the guy that I was worth his time, worth sharing a meal with, and even trying to get him to dance with me... all without pushing because I really didn't want to screw anything up. It was difficult to not lose myself as I fell for him. I think what ended up surprising me most was that instead of losing myself, I found more of myself.

And now I'm here, this one full year later, more in love with him today than yesterday. Love. Not just smitten, not just sort of wondering about whether he likes me too... but wholly, fully, and completely wrapped up in this huge-normous bubble of goodness and joy. I never could have dreamed of my life as it is now. Even though landing Mr. Wonderful and working [overtime] to keep him was one of the most trying experiences of my life, I wouldn't give a second of it up.

So there is my mushy, gushy post that I mean top to bottom. I'm happy. :)

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cm0978 said...

And I'm so happy for you -- it makes me smile to see you two together. You have so much joy to look forward to!