Friday, March 27, 2009

Ice Skating in March

Mr. Wonderful and I took the day off today to spend it together doing insanely fun things. Okay, maybe not insanely, but we did have a good day.

The drive to Portland was stressful and long, but at least parking at Lloyd Center was free and easy. We wandered around the bottom floor for a while before hitting the ice rink for some skating. The Boy's brother gave him two tickets to the rink for Christmas, so the experience was literally a gift. We each rented some skates and laced them up tight. When we got out to the ice, we could see little kids floating along as if they were graceful little angels.

The Boy and I were not, in fact, graceful. We never fell, but we were not graceful. Just like the first time I went ice skating years and years ago, I don't carve my own lines in the ice as much as slip from one person's to another. It's difficult to go straight, but an extra fifty or sixty pounds since early grade school has made a difference (I should add that the weight is proportional the two feet in height I've gained also). We skated for a while, took some pictures, watched the kids zoom along the wall and sometimes crash into it without a single tear.

Fun times. More about the trip tomorrow... there's just too much for one post!

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