Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Which I Find My Wedding Dress

Yesterday, The Boy and I went shopping in Portland. We went into several stores but only one wedding dress shop (and only on a whim). The store was smallish with limited selection. I had no intention of finding the dress in that store. As we rounded the corner, I saw it. I turned and told him that the dress was the only one in the store I wanted to try on. After a bit of a wait, the storekeeper helped me get into a dressing room where I slid into a dress at least a size or two too big. Mr. Wonderful nodded emphatically when he saw me in it. The storekeeper grabbed an ivory dress in the right size just for me to try on, and it fit perfectly.

Without having any pictures to show you, I can tell you that it's snow white, floor-length without a train, straight neckline (not my favorite, but the asymmetrical bottom wouldn't allow for a symmetrical sweetheart neckline), and has a small amount of beading along the top and down the front. It doesn't need a lick of hemming, and if the one I ordered fits like the dress in the store, I won't need any alterations!

The dress should arrive in about six weeks from the manufacturer at the store, and then the store will ship the dress to me, so I might not have it for up to eight weeks... good thing I have over six months until the wedding.

The wait and search is over! YAAAAY!

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cm0978 said...

Congratulations! What a serendipitous day! Can't wait to see it on your wedding day.