Monday, March 09, 2009

It's Unbelievable

I'm not very good at explaining things, especially religious things. That's part of the reason this blog exists: it's a place for me to explore my own thoughts without (hopefully) being torn to bits for not having all the answers. In trying to share my faith with others, I have run into a common theme. People don't believe in Jesus because they don't have proof. Trying to convince someone isn't my job... I'll go head-to-head with just about anyone about anything, but Bible thumping or forcing belief is exactly what I've always tried to avoid.

Proof is impossible. I could offer an individual the entire Bible, stories upon stories of God's magnificence. I could show them miracles and hold their hand as I take them through all that is beautiful on Earth. But I can't hand someone God like I could hand them gravel or a toy or a doughnut. I can't show someone a physical God. And that, when trying to help a developing Christian, pretty much sucks. They want hardcore, tangible proof.

The only thing I have always understood about my faith, even before this entire foray into Catholicism, is that I believe without understanding. I haven't been able to explain it, to show it, to prove it, or to fully grasp it, but I've always believed in God without knowing how or why. There are so many unbelievable things on this earth, so many supernatural anomalies, so much hope for something greater... Some say "show me God," and I keep saying in my head, "prove to me there isn't a God."

At it's core, faith is believing without seeing, and it is also seeing without believing. Faith is looking at the world as if God exists everywhere even when we find God no where in our lives. Just as we love our families when they are not with us, faith is loving a God we cannot fully be with yet.

I think that's scary for people. I think it's hard for them to say, "I believe in something I don't understand, something I don't see, something I don't even feel." People are so concerned with science and pushing the "fact agenda" where tangibles and concretes are at the forefront of the "known universe." They don't want to seem soft or willing to ignore science. They're afraid of not understanding. They can't get around the physicality to have faith in the unseen.

But that's God for ya... while you might find Him unbelievable at first, you'll find Him truly unbelievable in the end.

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