Sunday, March 29, 2009

People Wear Me Out

I've long known that being around too many people wears me out. It's not that I don't enjoy being around people or that I don't like the occasional party, but going full-bore day after day from one group thing to another... *sigh*

Wednesday night was awesome as I was able to visit some family I don't get to see much. Thursday included a dentist appointment. Friday was crazy due to our trip to Portland, being stuck in crowds in Lloyd Center, and eating out. Saturday visits put us in Salem and Albany with many, many friends and family members.

I don't know exactly what it is about being around people that wears me out so much. While I'm not always socially graceful, I'm not filled with anxiety either (usually). Perhaps I'm simply not the social butterfly that everyone else thinks all women ought to be.

Given a choice, I'd much rather spend time with one person at a time. I love seeing my sister when it's just the two of us. We get insanely goofy! Sure, I love seeing her other times, too, but it's pretty hard to have coherent conversations with others when 90% of our inside-joke-vocabulary is Invader Zim quotes or other nonsensical sister stuff. Likewise, I like visiting other friends on a smaller, much quieter setting--perhaps over a meal or game between the two of us.

Some people might think it inappropriate if I, a soon-to-be-married-woman, spent even a minute alone with my male and married childhood best friend. While I think his wife is terrific and enjoy getting to know her, it's easier if he and I talk alone. Not secrets or anything remotely romantic (eew from both of us on that count), just alone. We both work better that way.

Today, I'm chilling by myself in peace and quiet. No people asking me questions or trying to prod conversation from my lips. I don't have to worry about watching my words or coming up with interesting topics. Ugh. People wear me out.


JMC said...

My max = 3 visitors. With 3 I'm witty, happy, outgoing, have one more person arrive & I'm into observation mode, no more. Along comes 4, and I'm a little bit bored, with 5 I'm just waiting for the pain to be over.

I thought you needed to know that...

Unknown said...

It's small talk I'll bet that wears you out. Don't feel obliged.

Linda Rice said...

I'll bet it's small talk that wears you out. Don't feel obliged.