Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Right of Way

Dear Old Lady in Boat Big Car:
I know you could barely see over the steering wheel which means you could hardly see me. I know there was quite a bit of traffic on the road, all three cars... I also know that you were trying to be nice. For your patience and kindness, I can only offer my gratitude. But for your complete lack of driving knowledge, I suggest this bit of information:

If you arrive at a 4-way intersection and plan to drive straight through said intersection, you have the right-of-way over the oncoming car that is trying to turn left over your lane of travel.

Now I realize that the intersection was busy. It always is. And I know it was early in the morning--probably before you'd had enough caffeine, alcohol, or whatever it is that gets you going every day. I'm not trying to generalize or marginalize you, just inform you of your error.

Please know that you held up traffic for longer than necessary, thereby making several other drivers upset (myself included, obviously). In the future, I suggest you read the Oregon Drivers' Manual before stepping so hard on the gas pedal. Or brake pedal. Ugh.