Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Things

Stole this meme from my future mother-in-law. Hi! and thanks for tagging me. I definitely needed the inspiration for today's post.

A. Three names I go by...

B. Three jobs I have had in my life...
"Culinary Detergent Specialist"
office drone

C. Three places I have lived...
Corvallis - house
Corvallis - apartment

D. Three TV shows that I watch...
The Unit

E. Three places I have been...
The Boy's apartment
Fred Meyer

F. Three favorite foods...
mom's homemade cream of wheat bread
mom's homemade sugar cookies at Christmas
chicken and pasta in alfredo sauce

G. Three friends I think will respond...
Well, I don't want to name names here, but I guess I'll tag Whit-o-roni, JennyB, and Areson.

H. Three things I am looking forward to...
my wedding and honeymoon


Areson said...

Wait...where am I supposed to respond?

cm0978 said...

The wedding and honeymoon come AFTER dinner and sleep??

MissKris said...

I've hovered around here and there, just been too busy to comment lately. But you have some of the best Memes and I think I'm going to snitch some for this long weekend when I might...maybe...HOPE SO!!!...have some computer time for ME!!! Sounds like the wedding plans are zipping along, Miss Jaggy. Did I ever tell you my honeymoon ended up being a 3-day weekend? I'd spent my two-week vacation visiting friends in California, came home, decided the nite Dear Hubby picked me up at the airport to get married very spur-of-the-moment, and did get married two weeks later. I had no vacation time left. But it must've gone ok, haha! Next month it'll be 35 years for us.