Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visiting Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day, thus no post. The Boy and I went to Albany and Salem, spent time with both of our parents, and had a great day.

After a lifetime of asking "daddy" if we could play with his hair and put make-up on him (as I'm sure just about every girl does sooner or later), he finally gave in on one count. Dad allowed me to cut his hair yesterday. That sounds weird to say... he gets haircuts regularly, and his hair isn't uniquely styled or anything. He has always gone to professionals. I've been cutting The Boy's hair for a few months now with success (few complaints--I'm still learning). Mom asked me if I'd cut Dad's hair to perhaps save them a few extra dollars and the time it takes for Dad to go to the next town for his regular haircut. I agreed. My clippers and scissors worked hard, and Dad walked away pleased with much shorter hair. Yay!

The Boy and I stopped to visit grandma and wish her a happy birthday. Happy Birthday again! We had a nice chat with her and my uncle who had come into town to be with his mom for the day. Always good to see family.

In Salem, we sorted through some of Mr. Wonderful's belongings that remain at his parents' house. He was able to bring a few more things down to his apartment, plus they donated quite a pile of clothes. We visited for a while before going to Mass and then dinner. Tired, socialized, and very, very full, we drove home. Though it was a busy day, we had a wonderful time with family.

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