Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping - Again

The Boy accompanied me on my third major wedding dress shopping adventure. We went to Salem to a few different shops, and only one of them was even close to a place I'd go shopping in again. I don't know if different dress shops cater to a different kind of person, but one of the stores was downright weird. The dresses were ugly, the clerks pushy (though not as bad as I've previously experience, thankfully), and the store itself was dirty. Yuck!

My first appointment of the day, though, was fantastic. I tried on many dresses that were stunning, and The Boy was a great barometer for me. He knows my style and what I do and don't like, so I could see on his face instantly my own feelings about each dress. There was a dress there that I still think might be the one... it's growing on me.

Sorry I didn't get around to blogging yesterday. Mr. Wonderful has been so busy lately that we took one whole day off to be together. No e-mail checking, no blogging or Facebooking... we shopped, we laughed, and we held hands the entire day. It was pretty incredible. He made me homemade waffles for dinner (so good!), and we had yummy milkshakes with friends later in the evening. Wonderful days are made of all of that stuff. :)

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