Monday, March 02, 2009

Well Piss

L.A. County has a no-cussing week? Read the story here.

I grew up in a household where cussing was not a good idea. We couldn't say "you suck" or "shut up" to each other, and "crap" was only for dire circumstances until we were well into high school. My sister and I were taught to never cuss at school or work, nor would we even think about swearing in front of our elders (nevermind that they swore in front of us all the time).

Many moons ago, my sister couldn't get her jacket's zipper unstuck. She ran out into the living room to tell dad to help her "get this piece of $#@! unstuck." He thumbed her lips and told her to ask nicely. "Will you please help me get this piece of $#@! unstuck?" ...I don't think she's asked that since.

In our adult years, we've learned what words do and don't go together, and we've learned the right and wrong times to let those choice words fly. I try not to swear much, but words are words: I'm not afraid to use words that have the meaning I need to convey. Most of the people around me swear little, though like anyone, we all swear more when frustrated. Because sometimes shit happens and needs to be ranted about, right?

I'm not so keen on L.A. County's no-cussing policy. I'd rather have people swearing at me than having to hold their tongue, lack communication, and potentially do something much worse.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha! sweet.

oh the funny things that come out of my mouth sometimes... :D

by the way: love the "many moons" phrase. nice touch. ;)