Saturday, April 11, 2009

Allergy Season Begins

It started with a drippy nose.  Within a week, I've progressed through itchy eyes and constant tearing to blowing my nose every half-hour or more often.  I finally broke out the Zyrtec and hope to be clear-headed and breathing easier soon.

Growing up in Oregon, I had no problem with allergies until my adult years began.  About 22 or 23, I developed mild hay fever when driving past fields as they pollinated.  The big yellow clouds hanging over fields were so cool until they caused me to sneeze violently.  Now, I roll up the windows, change the air circulation, and hold my breath as long as I can.  Ugh.

I've heard an interesting idea to help seasonal allergy sufferers in the valley: make the grass growers grow something else that we're not allergic to!  Because obviously my allergies can determine how other people make their living, how Oregon makes billions of dollars, and how thousands of acres are used.  I think not.

For now, I'm sticking with Zyrtec.  Later, I'll add in the Claritin.  On the worst days, The Pink Pony returns (Benadryl is my friiiieeeeeend).


Anonymous said...

what they tell us in the military is to eat one teaspoon of local honey every morning. i'm not exactly sure how it works, or i would go into a full out description, but it has always worked for my family and me when we move from state to state, time and time again.

emjed said...

Take a look at a liquid ioniser to make a real difference with your allergies, it worked for me and I'm no fan of over the counter medicines