Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Blue Raspberry

Can anyone tell me where the idea of making raspberry-flavored foods blue came from?  When I was little, I always wondered that.  Out on the farm, we learned that raspberries are red.  They start out green, sure, but they turn red when they ripen in the warm summer sun.  They're best when they've been basking on the vine in that sun all day and get picked and popped right into a mouth before dinner.  I'm not an expert on raspberries (eating maybe, but not genetics), so I don't know if there really are blue raspberries out there.  Maybe there could be... but I don't think so.

Having established that raspberries are naturally red, and having tasted those juicy red berries so often, I'm perplexed.  Blue?  Really, marking guy?  Blue?  Why not yellow?  Why not pink?  Cherry-flavored things are red.  Strawberry things are red.  Even the generic "berry" suckers and chewwies and drinks are red.  Blueberry things are blue.  So raspberry... logically... RED.

I don't understand.


whit-o-roni said...

amazingly scientific term: "chewwies"

cm0978 said...

Now you have my mouth all ready for a sweet, sun-warmed raspberry -- no fair 'cause it's so long until we get some!

kristen said...

Google "black raspberry" and take a look at the image results--it's a nice shade of blue. Not the bright, obnoxious blue of blue raspberry-flavored treats, but still blue.

That said, when I was little, blue was always blueberry-flavored, even when it tasted nothing at all like blueberries. I think the blueberry mafia rose up and demanded it be changed. Raspberry just needs to unionize.