Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching Up

My allergies are behaving a bit better today.  I opted for glasses instead of contacts to hopefully make some of the redness go away.  The itching has subsided for the most part.  I only sneezed a few times and put a much smaller dent in my Kleenex box today versus yesterday and the previous two days.  Ugh!  Eye washes and the prescription eye drops help when combined with Singulair and Zyrtec.  I'm not sure how the rest of the spring and summer will play out, but I'm going to be in the clear by the wedding.

Speaking of which, we're under the six-month wire now!  Some days it feels like I'm not going to be married forever, and some days it feels like tomorrow will come too soon.  We're both anxious and excited, but we know this summer is going to go quickly.  You think we'd be enjoying time apart now since we're about to spend a lifetime together... ha!  Not even close.

A few weekend plans in the works already, nothing special.  Hoping the weather stays mild and that the pollen count remains low for a bit longer.  Wish I was more exciting tonight, but I've rediscovered FX Network's awesome show 30 Days and can't stop watching.  It might inspire another post!

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Anonymous said...

You've given me another thing to do in the mornings when starting work -- check this blog! Haha thanks, it's a great time waster!

I understand the pain of severe allergies, here's hoping it gets better!!