Saturday, April 25, 2009

Expressions: The Dress Shopping Pictures

(Picture Removed) So I finally have all of the wedding dress shopping photos uploaded to my computer and was able to compile some funny expressions into a collage for you. Just to answer a few questions from the start:

1. No, I did not buy any of the dresses pictured.

2. No, I didn't enjoy shopping for dresses. I don't like shopping. However, I'd rather go wedding dress shopping than to the dentist... :P

3. Yes, a few of these pictures are grimaces of pain, torture, and agony: I don't fit in a size 4, but some salesladies thought it would be funny to see if I did. Ha. Ha ha. Not funny!

4. My sister, The Boy, and Future Mom took the pictures. Extra special thanks to them!

5. The worst place to go was David's Bridal. The best place to go was Simply Grand in Salem.

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cm0978 said...

As an innocent bystander, I had a lot of fun :) I like the expression for the size 4 dress though.