Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I don't like feet. No, I don't hate feet, but they're just not something I really pay much attention to. I guess they're utilitarian, and that's good enough. Tonight, though, on a whim, I decided that my feet needed a little TLC.

And it's not like I treat my feet poorly: they are covered in plain white cotton socks from the time I rise to the time I go to bed with the exception of showering. I don't wear sandals or flip flops (they're still thongs to me, but that's another post) unless I'm showering in a public shower or near a pool (which is maybe twice a year). My shoes are extremely sturdy, usually Merrill shoes, though I'm dealing with my first pair of Nike shoes in over a decade (still not my fave, but at half the price of the Merrill shoes, I'm coping). I have gel insoles instead of the crappy factory ones plus another 3/4-length insole for the extra arch support--and I can get away with the extra bulk since I have super narrow feet. So my gel-cushioned, extra-supported, ventilated-but-not-too-much feet don't really take a beating sitting at a desk all day or watching TV in the evenings.

But a girl's gotta get girly every once in a while, right? So I broke out the fancy foot scrub that my sister donated to me (the by-product of a must-try-new-stuff fashionista). I set myself up on my bathroom counter and proceeded to fumble my way through a pedicure. You know what? The walnut foot scrubby stuff works pretty well. I like the cooling mint tingle on my toes. It feels kind of like walking in sand (best natural pedicure ever), but there's less risk of crabs... or jellyfish.

After finishing up and cleaning the sink (twice, ugh), I'm kind of feelin' it now. My footsies are happier than they were an hour ago. Maybe this won't turn into an every day thing, but once a week or month wouldn't be so bad.

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Anonymous said...

HA HA HA! thanks.

it's good stuff.
expensive, but good.