Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm a plant owner. Again.

Some of you may remember that I bought a "lucky bamboo" plant not long after I moved into my apartment. It lived about a year on the shelf between the kitchen and dining room until I decided to fertilize it about 20x too much. For the record, a 12" pot is not the same size as a 2" pot, and bamboo doesn't really need to be fertilized. Ever.

(Yes, I realize that the "lucky bamboo" plant is really dracinea, part of the lily family and not the bamboo family, so don't lecture me. I still killed it.)

After going a few months plant-free, my boss gave me a primrose plant. Not wanting to subject such a pretty pink flower to my gangrenous thumb, I regifted the plant to my mother for her birthday--and she accepted it without hesitation. The little primrose has grown and flowered for a couple months in its little pot on mom's kitchen windowsill. Mom has many other houseplants, and she's well-known for breeding vast quantities of african violets (eeeeeeevil!). If she can do it, I can do it, right?

For Administrative Professional's Day, my boss gave me another plant, a miniature rose. Personally, I'd be happy with a Snickers, but now I have a plant to kill... or not. Yesterday, I went to Bi-Mart not knowing that it was their annual gardening day. I managed to get a pot full of free, high-quality potting soil, some fertilizer, and the windshild washing fluid I've been needing all for under $5! I took my treasures home and carefully repotted the rose, inserted the fertilizer spikes ('cuz I'm lazy and was told that they work great on potted plants), watered, and set the plant outside my front door.

I am a plant owner. Again. Does anyone have advice or suggestions on how to keep or maintain miniature roses that are potted and receive full morning sun and indirect afternoon/evening sun?


cm0978 said...

How does your mom get her african violets to bloom??? I am really unlucky with them. I got a miniature rose this past week, too. I have two of them planted in the yard and they are doing well with non-attendance -- my best gardening tactic.

Anonymous said...

i swear... mom has the greenest thumb ever when it comes to african violets. those things were pumping out the flowers like crazy!!

and multiplying... sheesh, i remember when the count was 9-10 pots or so of those freakin' things.

what i learned? water+fertilizer once weekly. plus... i would pull off the dead flowers and leaves to keep them looking nice. otherwise, i they got sun from the living room window and were happy as could be. what every little flower dreams of. :)