Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Itchy Eyes: Part II

I couldn't stand it anymore last night and asked The Boy if he'd take me to immediate care. He kindly did, and we didn't have to wait but a couple minutes to be seen by a nice doctor. He explained things to me at great length and examined me before allowing me to choose my own path of medicine.

Diagnosis: allergic conjunctivitis. I have allergies that are making my eyes itch. Nothing more, nothing less. It's like hay fever on steroids.

He prescribed some eye drops to help with the itching (so far they haven't helped) and Singulair to be taken with Zyrtec at the peak of allergy season. I get to follow up with my regular doctor next to get more presecription Singulair (no generic available that I know of, ugh).

Hopefully those two things will put a damper on my sneezing, itching, miserable life. The doctor said that immunotherapy shots might be an option for the future, but that he also thought I could manage my allergies with medication. I'd rather take pills than shots any day!

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