Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lincoln City Cultural Center

As we drove north through Lincoln City looking for St. Augustine parish this weekend, we started doubting our directions. Okay, we didn't really have directions. We were using my sense of dead reckoning. Maybe that's not such a good idea. But sticking to the highway, we figured we'd find a sign or something. After what seemed like miles and miles of driving north, I decided we'd go another two blocks before turning around. Just at the two-block mark, I spotted the Lincoln City Cultural Center with a sign advertising an information booth. Good enough, right? The old converted schoolhouse didn't look particularly welcoming, so I wasn't expecting much. We parked and exited the car without getting our hopes up. An unlocked door opened to reveal a beautiful entry and split-level building. We climbed the short stairway to a fully-carpeted and well-thought hallway with signs above every door. The "information door" led us into a huge room with walls covered in brochures and booklets that covered everything from seashells to Oregon history to airplanes. A woman helped us find what we needed very quickly, plus she even pointed me in the direction of some neat Geocaching experiences (left the GPS at home, dummy me). I never caught the woman's name, but she was amazingly helpful and incredibly nice.

On our way into the building, though, the first door on our right was labeled "dance studio." I inquired about the room to the helpful woman, "can we look inside?" She led us across the hall to the room and let us in. We envisioned something far less spectacular, but the brand new hardwood floors, a wall of windows and two walls of mirrors, and a ballet barre all around... it was a beautiful room that someone had taken care to build. She asked why we'd want to look inside, so we told her we were ballroom dancers. Without letting us say no, she ran off to get everyone in the building that she could find so that they might watch us dance. We happily nightclub two-stepped and waltzed for them--without music it's harder than it looks! They seemed to get a kick out of our impromptu performance, and we (of course!) were thrilled to show off a couple steps. They even took our picture with an old Polaroid camera.

I wish we had more time to spend there. The people of the Lincoln City Cultural Center are wonderful, friendly, generous individuals. The building has character in every nook and cranny. If you get a chance to stop in and say hello, don't pass it up. This is one awesome place!

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cm0978 said...

Wow -- what a great chance for you two! A little bit of unexpectedness. I bet you made their day.