Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First Weekend Getaway

The Boy and I had our first weekend getaway this weekend to Gleneden Beach. My parents have a time share in the area, so we joined them for a couple days. The condominium sits right on the cliff overlooking a wide, flat beach that stretches for over a mile in either direction. Six picture windows look out on foamy surf and beach-goers, surfers, the occasional migrating whale, and sailboats when the weather isn't doing it's typical Oregon thing. Unfortunately, the rain gods did not look favorably upon us during our stay: it poured both days. But being the rain-savvy natives that we are, we managed to survive the torrents without incident.

Our drive over put us in Lincoln City for some shopping first. The Boy found a nice polo shirt on a huge sale, and I managed to walk all the way around the outlet mall without complaining that I was tired or hungry. (I think that's Boy 2, me 0, but who's keeping score?)

We spent Saturday evening having a fantastic dinner with my parents before playing cards late into the night. I think that's a tradition in my family that I can't really explain, but we're card players. Heck, I don't even know the name of the game we played! All I remember is that the first time we played the men won, and this time the women won, so it's going to be do-or-die next time. "For all the marbles" as Dad would say.

Sunday morning dawned entirely too early as The Boy and I got up for Easter morning Mass in Lincoln City. Excluding the facts that the church was filled to standing room only, was too warm, and was inhabited by smelly old people, it wasn't a bad service. The music... was... let's just say we won't be complaining about the music at St. Mary's in Corvallis any time soon.

We napped after brunch then enjoyed watching a storm blow in. By late afternoon, we were on the road home. With a tailwind the whole way, we made it to Corvallis by 6pm. It was a lot of driving, a ton of adventure, and included some really interesting people, sights, and moments. Not bad for a first weekend getaway (even if it was technically chaperoned...).

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