Sunday, April 12, 2009

Unplug the Toaster Already

As Mr. Wonderful and I have become closer over the course of our engagement, we're beginning to learn the odd quirks and habits of the other person. I already blogged about his desire to have the toilet seat and lid down all the time (I'm a seat-down-lid-up girl). A few of the other gems we've encountered:

He puts the dirty dishes on the counter, while I put them in the sink.  I don't put many in the sink, just an occasional glass that I'm too lazy or busy to put in the dishwasher.  I don't like a sink full of stuff.  I also don't like a counter covered in dishes.  We're both very good about getting dishes in the dishwasher promptly though.

I fold clothes, especially towels and blankets.  They're the easiest things to fold!  The Boy, on the other hand, does not fold much.  He doesn't match up socks, doesn't even flatten his t-shirts... it's just wad or hang.  I don't know why he has a dresser, come to think of it.

He leaves the toaster plugged in all the time, and I unplug any appliance I'm not using.  It's a habit I learned growing up, and I'm not sure exactly why my parents insisted upon not leaving things like toasters plugged in, but I figure it's not a bad rule.  Doesn't hurt anything to unplug it.  Especially now with appliances that are on-and-hot when plugged in (no on/off switch) like a waffle maker, if it's not plugged in, I know it's definitely off.

When I take out the garbage, I put a new liner in the can right away, even before I take the full garbage outside.  The Boy takes the garbage all the way outside and won't put a new liner in until he has to use the garbage can again.  This particular habit actually does drive me nuts since I don't look before I toss something in the can.  I just assume that the bag will already be there, and I won't apologize for throwing things in a can without a liner.

I have a few nice kitchen tools, small appliances, and a stock pot that I don't put in the dishwasher.  95% of my stuff goes right in, but the wooden handled metal spatula that has been passed down a few generations doesn't go in.  In The Boy's kitchen, it all goes to the dishwasher.  I have a hard time explaining to him why he shouldn't toss my Calphalon stock pot or rice cooker in there: those get washed by hand.  They just do, okay?

It's not about saying who is right or wrong, about ranting that we need to change, or about putting either of us down.  I simply find it interesting that two capable adults do things differently and both live perfectly normal lives.  The Boy isn't a laundry folder, so I have taken over that job.  I'm not into dishes after doing that for so many years as a job, so he does that for us some nights (getting them in the dishwasher, and out when they are clean every few days).  We have things we will need to compromise on.  We can learn from each other.  It's exciting!  It can be frustrating.  But really, it's exciting!  I look forward to learning from him and about him for the rest of our lives.

What are some of the odd quirks you've encountered over the years?  Where have you had to adapt to gel with another person (roommate, spouse, family, etc.)?

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Strayer said...

I am totally amazed by couples who live together for decades and get over the little quirks and annoying habits of the other. It is unbelievable and beautiful to me to even think about. I'm out and about a lot, in what I do, and when I sit around chatting with these older couples, been together forever, it's amazing, I think, and very wonderful. How they disagree on many things and remain devoted to one another. How they have fights sometimes and make up. For year after year.