Friday, April 17, 2009

Waterpik = Wet Face

I bought a Waterpik. Don't ask me why I thought I needed it or why I thought it would be a good idea... I bought one. After tossing the instructions to the side without glancing at them (how hard can a water-shooting device be), I proceeded to spray, squirt, flick, and otherwise disperse water to every corner of my bathroom.

See, a Waterpik is not like an electric toothbrush. That was my first lesson. Though it cleans things inside the mouth, it is nothing like a toothbrush. Though they both pulsate, the two are not equal. The electric toothbrush I have buzzes along until I push the button to stop it. Once I have pressed the button, it's off. But with a Waterpik, the button is a pause, not a stop. You can't pause and remove the sprayer from your mouth... it will just keep on spraying in whatever direction you don't want it to go.

The Waterpik sprays water constantly. You have to close your lips around it in order for water to not go everywhere. If you keep your lips closed, the water slowly builds up in your mouth until you have to take the darn thing out to spit and then you spray yourself in the face, neck, chest, arm, and ear before you manage to hit the damn pause button. It's a constant battle for me: spray in mouth until water comes out my nose, or spray water in mouth and all over the bathroom, but water actually drains from head without ejecting itself through my sinues.

But I'm a thinker. I also bought the Waterpik to sub as a fancy ring cleaner. I am tired of cleaning my engagement ring's many crevasses with a make-up brush and hand soap. The pulsating super-sonic water jet gets right where I need it to be to remove dirt, grime, and all the other fun stuff that collects on my ring through a week. Plus, the water won't hurt gold or diamond like chemicals might--which may also irritate my skin later where water won't. However, the act of aiming a super-sonic stream of hot water at my ring means water flies everywhere. It's crazy how wet I can get in twenty seconds. The sparkle? totally worth it.

If you have used the Waterpik, please tell me how you've learned to manage it. If you have another suggestion to flossing or ring cleaning. Do you know any other uses for a Waterpik?

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Anonymous said...

Well, since it is recommended to put the tip in your mouth before
turning on the Waterpik...I guess you have to put your RING in
there, too. Seriously, maybe you could try putting the ring into
a small water bottle and shoot the water at it in that enclosed
space. Thanks for your, idea by the way. I have a filigree ring
that collects a lot of gunk, too. I'll try it!