Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Catholic

"Oh, come on, do you really believe everything those Catholics believe?" a coworker asked me today. I know this person has some odd beliefs of their own, so I wasn't exactly stunned by the question. What surprised me more was my own answer. Without flinching, I popped back, "yeah, sure I do."

When people ask me what my faith is or what group I identify with, I respond, "Catholic." I'm not sure I can honestly call myself anything else. Baptized or not, that's where my faith calls home most.

I don't meant to say that I agree 100% with everything the Church teaches. I have trouble with things, and I struggle to understand other parts. But I'm growing still. I have a lot to learn. The whole Pope idea still bothers me at times. *human* but *superhuman* doesn't really make sense. And while I understand the Church's stance on the point of marriage as creating children, I still don't see the harm in using contraceptive, non-abortive methods of family planning. Condoms don't kill humans: they prevent conception. And believe me, with the failure rate of imperfectly used (and even perfectly used) contraception, if God really plans for someone to get pregnant, it can still happen.

Ugh, I digress. The Catholic Church is a hard pill to swallow for me, but I'm getting there. I'm identifying. I'm falling in love and dislike and annoyance and joy and fear and hope.


Sarah said...

Question: When having a Catholic wedding, does the married couple still have to sign a contract saying that they will not use any form of contraception? I know they used to...

Jaggy said...

I don't believe I have to sign anything like that. The Church heavily suggests that couples use NFP and condemns all other forms of birth control.

The Boy and I are open to having children, but I can and will say that we've discussed our options and have chosen to use more effective methods of contraception. 99% effective birth control means things are still 100% in God's hands... we are open to having children, but we are hoping to wait at least a little bit.