Sunday, May 17, 2009

Banana Bread

Last week, I purchased some bananas in the hopes of eating them.  I like bananas, so it wasn't a far-fetched idea.  However, as is typical, I only ate a few of them.  Three didn't make the cut.  They turned brown too fast for me to gobble down.  I don't mean age spots in a week, I mean brown.

This morning, I set out on a quest to make Grandma's special homemade banana nut bread recipe.  The bread was a huge treat for me growing up, and now I'm all grown up and can make it for myself.  After a call to Mom to get the recipe, and after amassing the ingredients, I began the adventure.

Well, I tried to begin the adventure.  You see, even in my fairly well-stocked kitchen, I somehow have not yet managed to get a flour-shortening combining tool thingy... you know, the wooden handle with the little thumb-pressy-downy part and the six or eight wire half-circles on the other side... I don't even know what those are called.  Whatever they are, I don't have one.  So I used a fork.  To cut shortening into flour.  Let's just say it was a tedious process.

Then I mashed bananas.  And stirred eggs.  And measured, scooped, poured, and stirred the other ingredients.  I combined it all together, dumped the batter into two well-greased ancient bread pans (older than the dirt they came out of), and baked the goop into bread.

And then I ate it.  And it was soooooooooo good.  Because I left the nuts out.  Nuts don't go in bread.  In fact, I'm not really sure what nuts are good for.  Bananas are for bread that goes in my belly!

Sorry, no recipe this time.  It's a super-secret recipe that I couldn't even find online.  Online recipes don't often call for shortening anymore.  The good stuff always gets cut out.

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