Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Enter Key

I have blogged previously about some of the hilarous and groan-inducing tech support calls I've handled at work.  I was sure that the guy who thought there was more than one version of the Internet was bad.  Then I got a call from a guy who thought numbers could be capitalized.  Today... I am sure that today took first place in "oh you did not just say that!"

The call came in around 9:30am, and we started off on great terms.  He was a super nice older gentleman who wanted access to our secure website.  I told him he'd need to register to use the site and that I'd walk him through the registration process.  First question was about his browser, and we determined he didn't have Firefox and would need to download it.  When I asked him if he had ever downloaded something before and he replied no, "I don't even know how to do that," I knew we were in for a rough road.  I pointed him to Mozilla's homepage to begin the downloading process.

Me: "Type in your address bar."
Him: "Where is my address? I don't see it."
Me: "Not your address, your address bar.  Where you see http://.  At the top of your screen.  Do you see where the website address is?"
Him: "Oh, yes, I see http://.  Put my address there?"
Me: "No, type, m-o-z-i-l-l-a-dot-c-o-m."
Him: "Okay,, I'm typing, but I'm a slow typer."
Me: "Great, now can you press the enter key to bring up the page?"
Him: "I don't see the 'enter' button on the screen.  I see *mumbles* and pictures."
Me: "No, the enter key, the one on your keyboard."
Him: "What, where?"
Me: "The enter key.  On your keyboard.  The big thing with buttons all over it in front of you, a big one near the center says 'enter' or 'return' on it.  Press that."
Him: "Oh.  *presses button* Ooooh, the screen changed!  Is that bad?"
Me: "No, that's good.  Did it bring up a page that says 'Download Firefox'?"
Him: "Yes."

We walked through the entire downloading process.  Once, when I asked him to tell me if Firefox had created an icon on his desktop, he started describing his desktop to me.  "I have a telephone on the corner, and I have a keyboard in front of me... oh, and I spilled some coffee earlier but didn't clean it up yet."  OY!  I explained to him the difference between a physical desktop and a computer desktop.  He informed me that, yes, there was a Firefox icon (finally!).  He opened Firefox sucessfully.  We got all the way to the registration page when he had trouble with the "enter" key again.

After forty-five minutes on the phone with a super nice guy, I was exhausted.  He called back again later to walk through the last two things he needed to do to finish up, and I get to talk to him again in a few days once he receives the rest of his info in the mail.

Holy freaking crap.  The enter key...

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Snookie said...

My favorite part was when i walked by and I heard "I heard it make a ding - that means it finished downloading, did it put an icon on the desktop?... Yes the background picture..."