Saturday, May 02, 2009

Far Far Away

As you read this post, I'm sitting on the east side of Oregon enjoying a beautiful wedding. I get to stay the night over there in the Land of No Grass and Trees and Shady Rivers. Yay.

What that means is this post isn't fresh. I wrote it several days ago realizing I'd be gone and wouldn't be able to blog. I wouldn't be able to drop you a tiny nugget of my life. So here it is, in advance, well before anything has happened.

Right now, at this moment, I might be eating dinner. I could be swimming in a hotel pool. I might be lounging on my hotel bed watching TV or reading. But I am not blogging. I get to take a blogging vacation.

As I'm writing this, though, I am eating dinner, blogging, listening to my laundry spin, hoping my cookies don't burn, and praying that The Boy comes over soon so that I can figure out what else we need to pack for this wedding shindig.

Enjoy my non-stressed post. I wrote it just for you. Yes you. Oh, and for Grandma. Because if I don't post something every day, she e-mails me wanting to know if I'm alive. I'm still alive (I hope) as this post is here for you. Be happy.

I'm happy. I get a whole day away from the computer!

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