Monday, May 25, 2009

Guest Takeover

This blog post goes out to all individuals with special diets. If you are a vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, or generally don't like food, I have a question:

If you invited yourself over to stay at someone's house, don't you think you'd at least provide or help to prepare your food if you need to eat a non-traditional diet?

I eat meat, veggies, and grains like most people, but I'm picky. Thus, if I was unwilling to eat or at least try what the hosting family provided, I would simply ask for a peanut butter sandwich. That doesn't take extra prep time--I'd make it myself even--nor is it expensive.

Recently, I heard a story about a woman who not only invited herself over to stay at another family's house for a few days, but she demanded they cook vegetarian food for her. The family had to purchase and prepare special food just for her. Being the gracious and kind people that they are, the family didn't put up a fight and simply went along with things.

For diabetics or people with allergies, absolutely. You have every right to ask for special food. But since when does having a different food lifestyle grant the right to demand someone else provide your room and board?!

Am I just crazy here, or did this person cross the line?


MissKris said...

I was diagnosed in 1999 with a serious esophagus problem. By careful diet, medication, and healing time it's almost normal now. But I still have to be careful or I can trigger off excrutiating esophageal spasms...the pain is so bad it mimics a heart attack, according to my doctor. Anyway...if I'm going to eat at someone's home and I'm not sure what kind of cook or what kind of menu there might be, I tell them ahead of time I have this medical problem and not to be offended if I bring along my own food. Every single person I've told that to has been extremely understanding. And I DO bring along my own food! My son and my d-i-l are two of the pickiest eaters the good Lord ever created. My solution to that? I never have dinners here, HA! Actually, I do very little cooking any more. Dear Hubby and I live on very creative salads that I conjure up and a lot of fish. Mostly because of his cholesterol now. My d-i-l loves to entertain so it's a very workable solution for us. Holiday dinners, she supplies the hot foods, I supply the cold ones/chips/relish tray.

Michael Faris said...

While the woman may have been rude or crossed a line (I don't know the whole story), I think part of the problem is that in our culture, meat-eating is so centric and taken as natural, that not eating meat is seen as special. I wonder if part of the problem isn't the family's assumption that a vegetarian meal is preparing special food instead of cooking a meal. When I have friends over who have different diets, I don't consider what I make special. It might not be something I usually make, but it's not special.

But I agree with your sentiment that some people can be fairly rude when they are visiting.