Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How do I know we'll make it?

Before I started dating The Boy, I was perfectly healthy. It's only since I started dating him that all manner of weird things have happened to my body. My allergies have gone from mild to medicated. My use of medications went from one or two Aleve pills for the occasional ache or pain to being on at least three daily pills and then more for other stuff as needed. I've had six different kinds of infections (from last weekend's UTI to skin infections to yeast infections). I've been to the doctor seven times in the last year, a 700% increase over the last fifteen years combined. I've had to explain to The Boy things about my body that I'm not sure I'd be comfortable explaining in a strict laboratory setting with doctors.

So when people ask me how I know we're made for each other, I remember back to the many times I've had to report back to Mr. Wonderful that I'm sick, broken, or hurt in one of the various ways I could be ill. He's held my hand through shots, comforted me through migraines (another new development), reminded me to take pills, and teased me the whole damn time.

It might seem silly to those who haven't been there, but when one part of a couple faces uncertainty with an illness, it definitely brings out character traits in both people. How do I know The Boy is mine for sure? He hasn't been scared, hasn't walked away from a single illness, hasn't flinched as I informed him of a less-than-optimal diagnosis, and hasn't stopped teasing me about whatever it was that made me feel icky.

Allow me to put it another way: after this week's UTI, I couldn't resist informing Mr. Wonderful that I was peeing neon orange. Instead of gasping or groaning or cringing, he shrugged his shoulders, kissed me on the forehead, and went back to his video game.

We'll make it. :)

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