Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Bits

I bought a new swimming suit last night. 50%-off sales at Fred Meyer plus a desperate need for a suit that fits correctly meant I was determined. It's blue, black, and white, and I swear I don't look like a giant bruise when I'm wearing it. Oh, and it's a two-piece. Because I'm a grown-up and don't hang out of the darn thing like I probably will in the next five years.

The Boy and I are in the middle of our allergy season, so we're sneezing in unison now. Whenever we are at one of our apartments, we sit on the couch with the kleenex box between us. We are so terribly romantic, I tell ya. And when we aren't tandem sneezing, we're sniffling and blowing our noses constantly. Allergies suck!

This afternoon, I spent about an hour going through father-daughter dance songs. Just about every suggested song I have found is ultra sappy and makes me cry. I'm having a hard time finding a nice "celebratory" song that is also a foxtrot or waltz. Nothing to slow, just moderate and fun. I would like a country song, but it needs to be a contemporary foxtrot, not a country two-step. Or, we could dance to a swing song (foxtrot works great for slow swing), but I don't want it to be sappy. "Unforgettable" is too slow. Suggestions appreciated!


Anonymous said...

"I Loved Her First" by Heartland
"My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.
"Love is a Beautiful Thing" by Phil Vassar
"Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle
"When Angels Fly" by Tony Ransom& The Heavenly Light Orchestra
"Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers
"Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole

Jaggy said...

Thank you, anonymous, for your help! I love that you've researched songs for me and are trying to help. Did you miss the part in my post about not having a sappy song? What about "Unforgettable" being too slow? Heartland, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Roger's songs are all country two-step songs (not foxtrot!), and Butterfly Kisses makes me want to hurl and cry at the same time.

I really do appreciate your suggestions, but I think you missed the whole NOT-sappy bit.