Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sun-Drenched and Weary

Today was an adventure. I'll blog about it tomorrow as I am too exhausted to even begin the story tonight. Before I go, though, allow me to offer one tiny bit of hard-earned wisdom today:

Maps. Don't go into unfamiliar territory without a map. And a compass. But especially the maps.

I hate Portland.


whit-o-roni said...

i agree. if portland were plucked out of oregon, the state would be much, much different. :)

maybe it could go hang with california when they break off the continent...

Anonymous said...

Who uses maps anymore?! GPS!!! Don't you geocache? Wouldn't that mean you should have a compass on you!?

Good point though, I have a habit of getting insanely lost. A lot.

Jaggy said...

I don't think we should remove Portland from Oregon... I do think we need to label the streets much better.

And no, my GPS wouldn't have helped. It doesn't have street maps. I'd have had to plug in each individual coordinate by hand before we left. About thirty of them. Yeah... no. The compass only works when I'm moving, too, so it's not great when I'm stuck or lost and don't want to keep moving.

I haven't gone geocaching in months, ugh!

Sarah said...

I've recently moved to Portland, and it does take some getting used to. Let me just say that Google Maps is a lifesaver!