Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turbine Rust

A long time ago, waaaay back in the day when I was a true photography student (and not just the lazy digital photographer that I am now), I became fascinated with texture. So much of the time, when we look at an object we only see the color and shape. We miss the texture. We miss the fine points. I love taking pictures of texture.

The rust trails you see here are seeping out of a turbine that was once used in Bonneville Dam. It created electricity for us. It worked and served some awesome purpose, and now it's rusting not too far from the dam where it once lived. You can see one of the propellers up toward the top right of the photo. The paint peeled and chipped and was painted over, and it now has that bubble finish you see. The colors, too, are fantastic. From red to yellow, even some green in there. This was too good to pass up snapping photos of... I'd love to go back and get a few more.

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