Thursday, June 04, 2009

Alleriges, Headaches, and Sick Days

Well, it's a little earlier than normal for me to be blogging, but I'm home sick today. My allergies have gone into hyperdrive thanks to pollinating grass here in the valley. I was up for part of the night with a headache. My nose bleeds each time I sneeze now. I am on and off Benadryl... makes the sleeping go better, but it also makes me feel like crap.

The good news is that I'm not contagious! If that is good news...

At least I get sick leave. I only take about one day of sick leave every two or three months, but those few days help so much. I honestly believe that paid sick leave should be mandatory for all companies to provide their full-time employees... at least five whole days per year. Paid vacation is a decision, but paid sick leave really helps out. It sucks to be stuck at home with a cold or the flu and have to worry about money.

Hello Kleenex box, I almost missed you in the last six seconds between sneezes.

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