Monday, June 22, 2009

Directions don't come with directions

I started in on wedding stuff tonight. I printed all of the directions to the church and started cutting them apart. While cutting apart the very last piece of paper, I realized that I had a typo, doh! They've all been very cleverly fixed and shouldn't be noticeable to anyone but my father--he just notices stuff like that. Directions are done, yay! The Boy helped me label the registry cards this weekend, so those are done, too. We still have to print the invitations, the RSVP postcards (or RSVP online thingies), and then address envelopes.

I never understood what the big deal was about having an envelope addressing party until I had to address The Boy's graduation announcements. It took me two days just to get through twenty envelopes. My handwriting is darn good, and I know how sinful it is to even think of printing the envelopes or using labels, so I better start soon if I think I'm going to get a jump on them. Trust me, if I need help in August, I'll ask.

In case anyone is wondering, we're doing a DIY wedding. We're printing everything ourselves--and we're NOT using kits. There's nothing wrong with using a kit if that's your style, plus the kits often include RSVP cards and envelopes that can be used as Thank You cards later (if you think about it, duh). We just found that we could create all the pieces we want more economically ourselves, plus we can give things our own unique style.

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