Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog = Mess

Sorry that my blog is a total mess right now, but I'm making some changes. Hopefully it won't look so... BLUE for very long. I couldn't handle the tiny, narrow middle section and cookie-cutter way the green/purple blog looked, so I'm changing it.

You may notice that this blog, like the second (now defunct) one, has text that changes dimensions as you change the window size. Not every screen has the same resolution, so now people should have a better viewing experience around here. I also increased the contrast to black/white to make reading easier on those with poor vision.

Not sure what the new paint scheme will be around here, but I think a little black and white wouldn't hurt things for a bit. Maybe a little red. Maybe some pink, gasp! who knows.

I really am sorry if things look crazy, but that's how transitions go. Bear with me, the content should continue to be exciting and fantastic and stupendous. Or whatever it is you kids like to call my wimpy little bloggy.


MissKris said...

If you'd like a great place to find blog backgrounds with much more variety than what Blogger has to offer, try They're extremely easy to use.

Jaggy said...

Thanks for the suggestion!
I'm kind of a DIY web person, trying to do this site all on my own, psh. PMP does have some neat page layouts though. We'll see how busy I get with wedding plans and how frustrated I get with my own coding.

Sarah said...

I think it would be pretty cool and classy if you went all black and white for a while--especially with an awesome b&w photo. Different text might be a nice change of pace, too...