Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Changes Coming

With summer approaching, a wedding to plan, work keeping me busier than ever, and a lack of interest in talking about myself, I have a few blog changes planned. Expect to see some new sights, some old posts, and a few rehashings in the next month or so. Beyond that, I'm not giving any details... we'll see what happens if/when it actually happens.

I'm headed for my third pizza in less than a week tonight, a fact which disturbs me a little. Pizza is good, but all that cheese doesn't sit well in my tummy. Not to mention all that pepperoni sitting on my hips, oy. Tomorrow night I'm planning a veggie feast! No one should have to endure greasy slimy pizza three times in one week. Oh, and to anyone who said Woodstocks makes great pizza, well, I was horribly disappointed (as were my future parents-in-law). American Dream's saucy pucks await, ugh. Whatever happened to fluffy, pillowy crust and light toppings that don't overwhelm the dough?

And then there was a pile of laundry from last week looming ever larger near the washing machine. Someday I will come home and it will have all washed itself miraculously. Someday.


Sarah said...

I completely agree about the American Dream pucks. I hate their pizza: hard, overly-beery-yeasty crust, tons of sauce, and often just plain weird toppings. And some people just LOVE it.


Anonymous said...

Cirello's for the win.