Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Combined! (gasp)

I've been making some big decisions lately, and part of those revolve around this here bloggy. I love blogging. I love sharing my life and connecting in some small way with the larger world. I enjoy getting (nice) comments from (nice) people who share my odd views, and I like learning about what else rattles around in the brains of Oregonians (seriously, few people from outside Oregon even find me).

I've been running two separate blogs for nine months now in the hope of not offending anyone who does read this blog. I have always maintained that no one should feel put upon to read about my faith if they don't want to. That kind of forced evangelism drove me nuts, especially getting all cozy in my surroundings and then BAM! religion shoved down my throat.

The other blog served its purpose well. Almost no one visited me there, and no one seemed offended here. I was able to post about once each week some great revelation or idea, and the posts seemed to have some meat to them. I worked on them far longer than I ever spend on posts here. But my arc of learning, my devotion to studying, and my ability to post new topics has diminished. I'm Catholic now. I'm not growing and learning at the same rate--experiencing now, sure!--so having a whole blog dedicated to a month's post or a three-month's post doesn't make sense anymore.

The big news: I'm going to be removing the other blog soon. All of the posts there have been transferred here (Blogger made that slick, lemme tell ya), so if you are a regular reader here and want to catch up on everything I experienced in my Catholic conversion, click on "Religion" to the left. Any new religious posts will be to this blog.

As my faith is a part of me, a significant part of me, I'm not going to compartmentalize my life into two separate blogs. All of me is here on this one space. However, if you (the faithful reader) decide that you want to skip a day or five, that's your decision. I'm not going to force anyone to read this. If you don't like what I write, don't read. That simple.

It was too much work to keep two blogs going, so now I have one. I really do hope you enjoy the occasional religious post here... I promise not to bite.


Sarah said...

Out of curiosity, are you going to post a "disclaimer" before any posts that would have normally been in your other blog? I only ask this because it might save you from mean comments by those readers caught off guard. I also understand that this might defeat your purpose of combining your two blogs in the first place. Just a suggestion...

Jaggy said...

I might if the subject is controversial, but probably not if the post is about me. The new blog header may have a once-and-for-all disclaimer in it, but I don't know yet.

The blog is easy to turn off, so I don't really feel compelled to suggest it to people anyway. If they don't like what they're reading, they can stop reading.

Some posts will have disclaimers, I'm just not sure which yet.

Sarah said...

No, I understand that you don't feel that it's necessary to post a disclaimer, especially since you have now posted your rules.