Monday, June 08, 2009

Dress Whites

The Boy and I went shopping for white clothes for me this weekend (I have to be in white clothes for my baptism). Lemme tell ya, finding age-appropriate and modest white clothing is darn near impossible. And not all whites are equal, so it was a challenge. I did score a super-cute white skirt on a 50%-off sale. My sister was kind enough to loan me a shirt that matches. I still have to find white shoes... that's a whole other saga.

Clothing lines are horrible these days. Mind you, coming from a 20-something with a pretty good figure, that's saying something. Just because I have boobs doesn't mean I want everyone to see them. If necklines get any lower or shirts get any thinner, we might as well all go naked. I get especially frustrated by 3/4-length sleeves or cap sleeves. Both of them look stupid on me and are uncomfortable. Finding a shirt that has non-cap sleeves that is also dressy proved impossible for yet another weekend. And then there are those shirts that have collars but that only button to about my ribs... obviously the plunging V-neck shirt is appropriate for a family picnic, ha! If the shirt buttons, the buttons should go all the way to the collar, not stop somewhere eight inches below. Don't cheat me out of fabric. I won't even get into short shirts, non-fitted clothing, or the nightmare called a full-length skirt.

My blog posts might be short this week: busy busy busy! If I don't get back here, know that I'm living life and should have plenty to post in a week or two.

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cm0978 said...

Short blog posts, but not short skirts/blouses -- sounds like a good trade off.