Sunday, June 21, 2009

Got Stuff Done (at least)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but we were busy this weekend. The Boy is moving to Salem for the summer before we get married in October. He'll be there at least until he gets a job, and then he might move again to another place before October. It's all crazy right now. But between Friday evening and Sunday evening we accomplished a ton:

-went on a date including dinner and a movie
-took the first load of stuff to Salem
-planned more of our wedding including the guestbook attendant, the bridal party duties, a few songs, delegated a few minor tasks, worked out some details, and came up with even more decisions that still need to be made (phew!)
-cleaned out my hallway closet and reduced belongings in that space by half (finally)
-cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and reorganized them
-packed another carload of stuff at The Boy's apartment
-prepared for more moving out tomorrow by putting things in "truck" and "trailer" piles
-cut Dad's hair (not a great Father's Day gift, but he needed it)
-went grocery shopping
-went to church
-went out to dinner with Mom and Dad
-stole cookbooks from The Boy (he'll get them back when we're married)

Not to mention the driving time, the little things that take time, and preparing meals or relaxing... we managed to take last night off and simply relax together.

I have to say, it's nice to be able to get so much done in one weekend, but I need a vacation now to get away from my weekend. The week is shaping up to be long, so I think it's time for ice cream. The low-fat and stirred up with chocolate sauce in a blender kind of ice cream.

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