Sunday, June 14, 2009

Partied Too Hard (doh!)

Between The Boy's graduation party last night and today's party at with his family, I've had plenty of partying. I'm over socialized, exhausted, and ready for bed. Alas, much remains to be done before work tomorrow. My apartment is finally clean-ish. I hit the high spots and gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. Even managed to get the mopping in, go me.

My parents took us out to dinner tonight to celebrate The Boy's still untarnished MBA and my baptism. I think they're a little less wary of the Catholic Church now than what they used to be, or at least they're asking questions and make me feel less like an outsider. I really like answering questions about the Church, especially dispelling myths and helping people understand things.

It feels like we're about to hit our dead-sprint area with wedding planning. We have so many more decision to make and much more money to spend before we are ready to send out invitations, and all of that has to be done by August 15th, only two months away. I know we'll get that far... it's just a matter of when and where we're able to spend time together this summer.

I feel like I'm rambling, and I likely am due to fatigue, so I'm going to rest before posting here tomorrow night. Sleep, sweet missing sleep.

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