Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pre-Cana Wonderfulness

The Boy and I are almost done with our marriage prep classes. They've been pretty good so far, at least not painful in any way. He and I communicated really well before we even started dating, so we knew much of what we've discussed in class for a long time. The section about conflict resolution didn't impress me, though. Having friends over and discussing their marriages (still new marriages) was much, much more helpful.

Did anyone have to take marriage prep classes (Pre-Cana as it is often called)? What did you do? What did you study or look at?

Wedding plans continue to slug on. I don't have anything new to report on that front. We're both too busy this month to really think much about planning. July and August, though, will be busier with wedding stuff. We anticipate wedding showers in September and then the wedding in mid-October. Scary to think that in just over four months I'll be married!


carly_grace said...

hello came across your blog after googling "random questions" :) nice blog. sorry im not married yet cant give any advice..

Sarah said...

We've not taken any "pre-cana" classes, but we did go to couple counseling for a month or so, and it wasn't very helpful. We found the counselor to be incredibly biased and gave us a lot of "Well, yeah--duh" kind of answers. We quickly realized that we were too advanced for it and stopped going. At the same time, I couldn't help but think "If other couples find this to be helpful, that means there is A LOT that they don't know about having a good relationship--are there really THAT many dysfunctional relationships out in the world? No wonder the divorce rate is so high!"

Two months left for us! Crazy!