Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Radiators and Road Rage

It's been a long day. Between work and the jerk on the road tonight, I've had a frustrating nine hours. The jerk on the road bit? You remember back to the last few rants I've had about how much people driving and not looking or obeying the law bothers me? Some guy decided that honking his horn, flipping me off, and yelling obscenities at me would somehow make the fact that he was trying to cut me off legal (I had the right-of-way, no question, he was crossing my path).

The Boy did make dinner tonight, his "radiator alfredo" special. He likes to call radiatore pasta "radiators," for your information. All he really did was make pasta and add canned sauce. But it was super yummy! And I am thankful he took time out of writing his final college paper to make me dinner after such a long day.

I have three canker sores at the moment. Two of them rub together all day long. It's fun.

Aaaaaaaaaand I don't have any other news. Because I'm boring like that.

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