Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*sneeze* Bless you!

Today was not a good day for my allergies. I think people should be banned from bringing pollen-covered flowers into the office. They aren't even pretty flowers... giant drippy things that stink all day long.

Tomorrow, I will officially become Catholic. You can read more about that on my other blog if you want. I haven't posted updates about that huge part of my life here as I don't want to cause others to think I'm forcing my ideas on them. I respect others and their desire to not read about religion.

Yesterday, after a three-store hunt for shoes to wear to my baptism tomorrow, The Boy and I settled on a pair of white Sketchers. Trying to find white flats that have some kind of strap over the top of my arch was darn near impossible. The shoes we found weren't exactly the ones I wanted, so we may end up taking them back soon (like right after the baptism--I'll just wear them once indoors). The same brand and style comes in a bit more dressy version, and I'm planning to buy those online to wear as my wedding shoes. Unfortunately we can't find the ones we want anywhere around here. Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping?

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