Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupid Rules

I think every kid deals with stupid rules eventually. Not rules like, "don't play in the street," or "don't climb that redwood tree," or "don't play with fire." Those rules have a purpose and, while not always fun to follow, are understandable. Stupid rules are the kind that don't make sense even when the purpose is explained. I grew up with a few rules I thought were stupid at the time and now make sense (no shoes in the house). I also grew up with a few rules that I still think are stupid: not being allowed to shave my legs until 8th grade (seriously, PE with hairy legs in middle school, on top of braces and glasses with no make-up, oh how I got teased!), not being allowed to use the stove to bake cookies until I was sixteen (even with an adult in the house!), and not being allowed to open the window in my bedroom (might let the warm air out in the winter or the cold air out in the summer).

As an adult, I'm finding that stupid rules still exist. We adults make rules for ourselves to follow. However, as I'm learning, the rules we make don't always make sense. I have a rule that dirty dishes should never be put on the counter. The Boy, on the flip side, has the rule that dirty dishes shouldn't go in the sink. We each made our own rule about dishes, but the rules oppose each other. The lesson is in trying to explain why we each chose the rule the way we did. Our final compromise isn't important... the point is that we're both guilty of making some arbitrary rule that doesn't really make sense.

I wish I could tell you about the stupid rules I have to follow daily, but talking about those here isn't appropriate. I don't want some future employer to read this and think I'm all about airing my grievances with work on my blog. Suffice it to say the rules are not only stupid, but they're actually detrimental to my daily workflow and overall productivity. They're annoying, but rules are rules no matter how stupid, right?

Did you have any stupid rules when you were growing up? Do you have to deal with any stupid rules now? Did you self-impose those stupid rules and feel like changing them?

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Zeke said...

I have a few experiences with stupid rules. At school, no electronics of any kind, they confiscate them if they catch you with them. No gum, i don't chew gum but if that rule wasn't there, people would actually get up and go to the garbage can instead of sticking them under the table. There are one set of stairs split in half, one side is for going up, the other is for going down. When school starts, 800+ people go rushing up one side, and the other side is just about empty! It's chaos! Some people just go up the wrong side when no teachers are looking. I've even seen teachers go up/down the wrong side, which proves how stupid the rule is! The stairs are about as wide as one car length. I was once going down the stairs when I skipped the bottom most step, and the principle saw and told me it wasn't safe to be skipping steps, blah blah blah and told me to go back up and come back down again. Can't do this, can't do that, my school prevents people from having fun, I swear, you can't even climb a tree that's like as tall as you! I hate my school!