Monday, June 01, 2009

The Weight is Lifting, Pressing Down

The Boy has one more paper and possibly one last test before he's officially done with his MBA. I feel like I ought to get to walk across the stage with him for all the work I've done to support him through the last year, but that's not possible. To thank me for my support, he bought me a necklace that I have been wanting for a while. It wasn't expensive (thankfully!), but really showed his appreciation. The weight of graduate school is finally lifting for us both. Hallelujah!

Wedding plans, though, have cranked into a higher gear. We rounded out our registries this weekend, got those organized into a spreadsheet, and hopefully won't have to add much more. It's difficult for us to think of other things we want to put on them. Maybe our guests will think outside our prescribed box and get us gift cards to places like Home Depot or Columbia Sportswear or Nike. It's not right to put clothes on a registry, but that's really one thing we could both use.

We have a plan for flowers, invitations, and all attire for the wedding party. We're working on the cakes, the food, the drinks, and the seating arrangements still, and we have plenty of work to do organizing our liturgy and music. Oddly, we haven't really figured out the whole dancing thing yet... weird for a couple of dancers.

Oh, and we started the premarital counseling, and we're having loads of fun with that (potentially sarcastic, haven't decided yet--it's not so bad after one round).

Phew! and Ugh! all at once.

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