Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking Tradition

I'm generally okay with traditions that make sense or that have an historical basis, but there is one tradition I'm breaking at my wedding. We have rings, are getting married in a traditional church wedding, and we're eating cake. All of that is great! I can't wait for the Big Day.

The whole "decorate the bride and groom's car" thing, though, is not happening. Between lipstick on the windshield, cans/shoes/baby clothes/explosives stuck to the back bumper, and Oreos stuck all over cars, I've seen it. And I can't stand the tradition.

Why prank a vehicle at a wedding? I don't understand where the tradition came from, nor do I understand the purpose now. Is the idea that the newlyweds need a getaway car so that they can escape the large crowd? Right, the couple invited dozens (if not hundreds) of people and celebrated for an entire day with them and suddenly need a decked-out car to escape. Is the point to embarrass the couple? Because giving them some kind of naughty gift at the wedding shower wasn't enough, now people need to draw body parts on the windows...

My biggest problem with most of the wedding car decorations is that they're either unsafe to drive with or that they're messy and hard to clean up. In many places, car wash drive-throughs won't even allow cars with decorations to go through. Therefore, the couple has to remove the dangerous items from the car before they hastily speed away, or they have to spend hours cleaning off the car when they should be celebrating. If the couple does leave the car decorated as they drive down they road, they become targets of honking (confusing to other drivers potentially), catcalls, or even malice by some recent divorcee with road rage.

Filling a car with balloons is one thing... it's easy to clean up, doesn't make a mess, and is cute, but if the balloons are helium-filled, they float away (and that's not nice to nature, kids). Covering a car in Post-Its also doesn't create a huge mess and is super fast to clean up, but who really wants to buy and stick that many Post-Its?

I believe the tradition has gone too far. For our wedding, The Boy and I aren't planning to have a get-away car. We may park a car at an undisclosed location an undetermined distance from the church and walk off into the sunset in that general direction. We may borrow one of our parents' vehicles (which one I won't say) so that no one knows which car to decorate.

Instead of decorating our car, I'd rather have the wedding party build us something or give us something as a group that we can actually use and take with us as we head off into the sunset (wedding night care package anyone?). I'm not saying don't do anything: I'm saying respect our wishes. People keep telling me that "it's your wedding, do what you want." The Boy and I are having a classy, sometimes traditional (and sometimes NOT) wedding, and I would very much appreciate not having to clean up a car.

This isn't about being a bridezilla or giving out orders. It's a request that both The Boy and I would appreciate having those we love honor.

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cm0978 said...

We didn't allow anyone to decorate our car either. I had my sister keep an eye on our car that was in my folks' garage. That's where the close relatives congregated after the reception, and where we actually left from. (terrible grammar) My nephew was going to put it up on blocks, but his mom stopped him. We had a nice clean car to drive on our way to our honeymoon suite in Portland.