Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Dear Zachary"

On a recommendation from my future brother-in-law, The Boy and I recently watched Dear Zachary: a Letter to a Son about His Father. The documentary follows the murder of Andrew Bagby and the life of his son Zachary as told by Mr. Bagby's childhood friend and filmmaker Kurt Kuenne. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM!

Few films are as gripping, as emotional, or remotely as interesting. The Boy and I watched in awe, and at least one of us was moved to tears. I'm doing my best to not spoil the show, so I'll only say that we both walked away from the movie exhausted and astounded.

For more information about the film (which I highly recommend you not read until after seeing the documentary), Dear Zachary is the official website. The site includes a trailer, the review of the investigation, and more.

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