Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Grotto

The Boy and I recently had the opportunity to visit The Grotto in Portland. He'd visited before, but this was my first time seeing such a beautiful place. It's hard to imagine that you're still in the middle of the biggest city in the entire state when you're there in the gardens, but you really are just steps from a major street. From the upper garden, things are even more peaceful. The picture here is of the main altar in front of the cave. What you see stands probably forty feet tall or more, a stunning and humbling cliff towering more than a hundred feet from the top of the image even. We really enjoyed the slow walk around the gardens and returned again to the indoor church and at the grotto itself. Beyond words almost... and well worth the $3 fee to ride the elevator to the top of the cliff to walk the rosary path or see the carvings and incredible sculptures. Even if you're not Catholic, this is a great place to slow down for an hour to find some peace.

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